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action theater™...

   A Practice of Awareness and Embodied Improvisational Expression   
Through Moment-to-Moment Presence in Movement, Voice and Language

A Contemplative Art in Motion

Action Theater™ is a body-based, embodied physical theater improvisation form developed by American master improviser Ruth Zaporah.
The form incorporates sound, movement, and language, where the congruency between mind and body is rooted in the eloquence of the physical action.
Action Theater™ is a practice of awareness and in-the-moment experiencing. And given that the present moment is always becoming the past, there  
must be continuous letting go.  Complete commitment and complete letting go, as we track our ever-changing experience.  
Action Theater™ exercises help the improviser deconstruct habitual patterns and self-judgments, allowing for an expansion of the expressive palette.
Awareness is honed as improvisers follow the evolving content of their imaginations, simultaneously investigating the kinesthetic body, the feeling state,
and the content/story of each fresh moment as it arises.
The components of time, space, shape and dynamics are disassembled, rearranged, and played with, culminating in the creation and delivery of
artful expression. Action Theater™ is the improvisation of presence.

   •Action Theater™ appeals to… dancers, actors, physical performers, vocalists, meditators, therapists, community facilitators, seekers and anyone wanting to deepen their                      connection to their creative source, regardless of their physical capabilities.•

       "Bronwyn improvises with freshness, sensitivity and depth...She has a clear understanding of the practice and I trust her as a teacher.”
                                                                                                                                                                           -Ruth Zaporah